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Cambridge Paella Company

Cambridge Paella Company: Authentic Spanish paella and churros cooked fresh for you. Bringing you the taste of Spain.

Cambridge Paella Company offers you stress free catering so you can sit back and enjoy yourself; after all that's what a celebration is all about. We will come to you and cook a 'live' paella for you and your guests. Cooking a live dish always generates a great deal of interest and excitement and we are happy to cater for any event whatever the occasion: a birthday, wedding, party or simply a get together with friends and family.


We offer a choice of tasty paellas and will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you want. 

We cater for groups of 40 and upwards starting at a cost of £12* per head for all of our standard paellas and an additional £4 per head if you add a dessert.

(* We are happy to accommodate all catering requests but the price per head may need to change in relation to the final ingredients of the paella and/or any accompaniments being requested).


Our paellas are cooked al fresco at your chosen location using authentic Spanish ingredients. We take the provenance of our ingredients seriously and source our key Spanish produce from Spain. Our rice comes from Navarra and our chorizo from El Bierzo. We even order our paella pans direct from Valencia. We strive to ensure that our products are 100% natural. 


We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and do everything we can to make your event a wonderful experience!

Cambridge Paella Company can also provide you with an authentic Spanish dessert after your meal in the form of churros. These are good enough to eat on their own but are even more indulgent when served with our rich, thick, dark chocolate dipping sauce.

            Freshly prepared

Our Churros dough is prepared fresh before every event so that you and your guests can enjoy them fresh and hot.

         Churros & Chocolate

Our Churros are served with an authentic thick, dark chocolate dipping sauce.

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